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On Behalf of | Aug 28, 2015 | Criminal Defense

As we have written in this space in recent weeks, the criminal justice system is full of convoluted systems and archaic rules that only hurt people who are accused or convicted of a crime. Now, to a certain extent, that’s the whole point of the system. But far too many stories are coming out about people who are accused of minor crimes suffering consequences worthy of a headline-grabbing felony. That’s just not right, and those who are accused or convicted of a crime — any crime — need to be wary of the punishment they face. 

Whether it’s bail or probation, attempting to clear your name or attempting to clear a crime off your record; there will be plenty of confusion and you will need a legal representative by your side to help you complete whatever process you are going through.

Too much is at stake. The consequences themselves are certainly life-changing, but you will also suffer indirect penalties as a result of the charge. You will find it hard to retain your job, or to find a new job. You may not be able to vote or your driver’s license could be suspended for an extended period. Your friends may treat you differently, and your reputation will certainly take a significant hit.

At the Law Offices of Derek P. Wisehart, we have the capacity, the know-how and the experience to help people who have been accused of a crime. We will do everything in our power to earn the best possible outcome for you and your family.


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