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March 2016 Archives

The police have to announce a DUI checkpoint in advance

While the following story involves a DUI checkpoint that has already come and gone, there are still some very important lessons to learn from the story. The DUI checkpoint in question occurred on March 19 in the Los Angeles area. The police announced the checkpoint on March 17. No details have been released about how many people were arrested at the checkpoint.

What a DUI expungement is, and why it's so important

Someone who is accused of drunk driving is placed in a very difficult decision. On the one hand, if they are found guilty or if they reach a plea agreement, they are going to be dealing with some very serious consequences. But on the other hand, they should have the chance to make up for their mistake in the months and years that follow, right? It wouldn't make sense to just punish a DUI offender and then never give him or her a chance to rehabilitate their image and contribute to society.

Pre-trial motions: important parts of a DUI case

Hearing the phrase "pre-trial motions" probably doesn't elicit a lot of excitement out of you, and that's understandable. They sound boring and listless. But, in truth, pre-trial motions are incredibly important in criminal cases, and they can be absolutely critical in drunk driving cases. This is because the pre-trial motions can actually dictate how a case is handled at trial.

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