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December 2015 Archives

Legal help is critical in the wake of a drug crime

Being charged with a crime is a serious matter, regardless of what crime you are accused of committing. Still, some crimes are more punishing -- and, thus, more serious -- than others, and in this regard drug charges are especially severe. People who are accused of drug crimes often deal with massive penalties that seem arbitrary. Mandatory minimums may be involved in your case, depending on the circumstances.

Why blood and breath tests aren't perfect

As we talked about in our last post, the financial cost of a DUI is a major reason why DUIs are so punishing. The legal consequences are obviously extensive as well, but the financial penalties involved can last for years and years. They can cripple a person's ability to recover from the DUI, and that doesn't help the individual -- or society in general. Allowing people who have been convicted of a crime the chance to rehabilitate and re-assimilate with society is an important part of the criminal process.

How much money will you spend to pay for a DUI?

When we talk about the costs associated with drunk driving charges on this blog, we usually focus on the personal, professional and emotional costs. There are many good reasons for this, as a DUI can absolutely ruin a person's reputation, job situation and their overall well-being. However, the financial side of a DUI can be just as crippling, and today we are going to take a harder look at the financial factors at play when someone is charged with a drunk driving offense.

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