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Woman arrested over deadly DUI crash has immigration hold

On Behalf of | Jul 10, 2016 | Drunk Driving

A 29-year-old woman in California was involved in a deadly accident at the end of June. The woman’s car allegedly left the road, drove up onto the sidewalk, and ran into a 69-year-old man. The impact severed his lower leg, which landed on the back of her car. He was thrown through the windshield and into the passenger seat. Some of his clothing was torn off by the impact.

Even so, the woman allegedly kept driving for roughly a mile. She then pulled over, parked the car, got out, and walked to her house. Her boyfriend was there, and he called the police when she showed up. Witnesses also saw the accident and told authorities that they saw her leave the scene.

The woman has now been arrested and jailed, and she has plead not guilty. The charges against her are felonies, including driving under the influence, gross vehicular manslaughter, and being involved in a hit and run. On top of all of that, she did not have a driver’s license, so she’s facing a misdemeanor count for driving without one. She also has an immigration hold.

Two hours after the crash,, the woman was finally given a breath test. It allegedly showed that her BAC was still 0.18 percent, which is more than double the limit allowed for drivers in California — which is 0.08 percent.

When facing serious charges along with DUI charges, those who are accused must know their legal rights. Of course, everyone has a right to a fair trial in the United States, regardless of the charges or his or her immigration status.

Source: Breitbart, “Brutal Hit-and-Run DUI Suspect Faces Immigration Hold,” Michelle Moons, June 29, 2016


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