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Juveniles and drunk driving: Things to know

On Behalf of | Jul 24, 2017 | Drunk Driving

As a parent, you do your best to help your children avoid poor decisions. Even with this approach, there is always the chance that he or she will make the wrong choice, thus getting caught up in the juvenile justice system.

Children can get into all types of trouble, with those related to alcohol use at the top of the list. This can include a variety of crimes, such as drinking and driving.

In today’s day and age, teens are more tempted than ever before to drink. Not only is alcohol easily accessible, but peer pressure can be too much for many children to handle. In the event of underage drinking, the end result could be a charge of driving under the influence.

There are times when juveniles are dealt with in the adult justice system. However, there are also situations in which teens are kept in the juvenile justice system, which gives the adolescent a better chance at getting his or her life back on track without facing major punishment.

At our law firm, we know that parents want what is best for their children. That’s why we do whatever we can to help any child in trouble with the law avoid the adult justice system.

You know your child has made a mistake, but that doesn’t mean you should turn your head and hope for the best in regards to the legal system. You need to do your part in assisting your child, which may mean learning more about the juvenile justice system. Don’t hesitate to take the appropriate action.


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