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How much does it really cost to get injured in a car crash?

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It happens to too many people: One minute, they are driving home from work, and the next, they are going to the hospital in an ambulance after a serious car accident.

Under such stressful circumstances, money can be the last thing on a crash victim’s mind. However, it may not be long until the full weight of the financial situation sets in, and people start to wonder just how much this car accident will cost.

Property damage

Depending on the severity of a crash, you will likely have property damage, whether it seems minimal or your vehicle is totaled. The cost to repair a car could range from a couple of hundred dollars to replace broken windows to thousands of dollars to perform bodywork.

There can also be costs associated with renting a car or utilizing public transportation.

Medical bills

Accidents that result in injuries can be far more costly than those that only cause property damage. One study revealed that the average auto liability claim involving bodily injury equals over $15,000.

Medical treatment is expensive, and victims can require everything from emergency services and X-rays to rehabilitation and ongoing therapy. There may also be deductibles to meet, and if you lose your job as a result of the crash, you could lose your health insurance.

Emotional distress and other expenses

Car crashes can be traumatic events. They can trigger or exacerbate severe conditions like depression and anxiety. They can adversely affect a person’s relationships and ability to work, potentially leading to loss of support and lost wages.

These are not insignificant damages. In fact, they can prove to be more costly than physical damage we can easily see.

Don’t minimize the toll of a crash

There is no exact number when it comes to how much a car accident will cost. But generally speaking, it will cost victims far more than they anticipate.

And yes, insurance will offer to cover some of these costs, but a settlement offer often will not truly compensate victims for the full extent of the damages caused by a car accident. Thus, it can be wise to consult an attorney and assess the legal remedies available that can allow you to pursue maximum compensation.


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