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Third-party negligence: a common catalyst in personal injury cases

On Behalf of | Oct 8, 2020 | Personal Injury


The modern world is fast-paced, complex and continuously evolving.

That 21st-century reality spells unchecked opportunities for California residents in the Central Valley and spanning the state.


And it also breeds challenges in the form of personal injury risks.

That is an obvious and given point closely relevant to American society. The United States is marked by constant technological updates, new products flooding the marketplace, increasing traffic volume on state and national roadways, nonstop construction and a general state of frenetic activity.

The downsides of that constant pace and movement sometimes emerge in the form of mishaps yielding personal injury for drivers, workers, consumers and other demographics. The potential for an adverse outcome is ever-present; one online legal source spotlighting personal injury risks and remedies duly notes that, “Accidents can occur almost anywhere at any time.”

As noted above, their occurrence can link with broad-based scenarios. Drunk drivers hit other motorists, bicyclists and pedestrians. Improperly designed products maim and kill consumers. Vicious dogs are an instant nemesis. Construction defects in residential and business properties pose stark risks to the general public.

As varied as all those risk catalysts are, they share one thing in common.

Namely, that is negligence. It is a sad fact that legions of personal injuries are flatly preventable and simply would not occur absent the reckless conduct or omissions of third parties.

The law does what it can in the wake of any negligence-tied injury to an innocent party. A meaningful legal remedy for an accident victim can promote accountability and deter future wrongdoing. And, importantly, a maximum money recovery can recoup lost wages, pay for medical expenses and be applied in additionally relevant ways.

Third-party negligence that harms an individual – and, often, his or her family – is a wrong that can be legally addressed. A proven and results-oriented personal injury legal team can provide further information.


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