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The unique role of collaborative courts

On Behalf of | Jan 20, 2021 | Collaborative Court, Criminal Defense

Collaborative court is a relatively new concept in California, and it seems to be making a difference with offenders. Research shows that drug offenders who participated in collaborative courts were 29% less likely to reoffend while those who did not participate in a collaborative court were 41% more likely to reoffend. In addition, research shows that California saves as much as $20,000 per participant in the collaborative courts.

What is a collaborative court?

A collaborative court is often referred to as a problem-solving court. It combines several divisions of the justice system with social services that work together to address the needs of the offender. The courts, along with social services, will develop a plan to work with those charged with crimes and correct the issues that caused the offender to commit the offense. For example, the offender may spend time in a drug rehab facility with mental health and social services instead of spending time in jail. Offenders who are participants in collaborative courts are placed under strict rule and monitoring.

How are offenders selected to participate in collaborative courts?

There are as many as 400 collaborative courts in California that cover most of the state. Any offender can be a part of the collaborative court if they committed drug-related crimes or are in need of mental or social services. The goal of these courts is to improve the offender’s situation in the end, reduce rates of recidivism and reduce the financial burden on the state.

If you have been charged with a drug-related crime or another offense that could fall under the direction of a collaborative court, you might want to do everything possible to have your case placed in this court. Seeking the counsel of an experienced criminal defense attorney may help to get your case in a collaborative court with more effective treatment and a better outcome for your life.


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