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California has a strict liability law regarding dog bites

On Behalf of | Jul 22, 2021 | Personal Injury

A dog bite can quickly lead to serious injuries, disabilities, and even death in some cases. If you are living in California and you have been a victim of a dog bite, seeking legal help could be helpful in getting you the compensation and support you deserve as you recover.

California’s liability law

In the State of California, personal injury cases are taken extremely seriously, as the owners of any dog that bites another individual is held personally liable and financially responsible. If a dog bite results in injuries and/or fatalities, the owner of the dog is held completely responsible, regardless of the dog’s previous temperament and/or behavior.

How to handle a dog bite

If you have been bitten by a dog in public or even on private property, it is important to document the bite itself as quickly as possible. Take photographic and video evidence of your injuries if possible as well as the location where the bite took place.

Contact information, as well as details of the dog’s owner, should also be collected in order to move forward with your case. Take photos throughout your recovery and during any stays you require in the hospital prior to reaching out to a personal injury lawyer or firm. Once you have gathered as much evidence involving your case as possible, you can begin to work together with the attorney and firm of your choice to seek compensation and justice.

Dealing with a serious dog bite is not only physically ailing, but it can also be extremely emotionally and mentally traumatizing. With the right legal help, move forward with your injury case knowing that your case is in the hands of someone who genuinely cares and understands personal injury law.


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