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Are drivers responsible for accidents caused by tire neglect?

On Behalf of | Sep 3, 2021 | Personal Injury

Taking care of a car helps keep the vehicle’s driver and passengers safe and may prevent accidents on California roads. Bad brakes and malfunctioning headlights are not the only issues that could lead to crashes: Blown-outs are common occurrences when driving on worn tires.

The dangers of worn treads and rubber

Tires won’t last forever as the rubber wears down from age and friction. A visual inspection could reveal cracks and “webs” on the tire, indicating that the rubber could burst on the road.

Even when the tires look okay, a “penny check” might reveal low tire treads. When the treads get too low, tires might not be able to clear water out from under them, so a vehicle may lose traction on wet roads. Steering the car could become a challenge, and there’s the risk of hydroplaning.

Tires with low treads or ones suffering from dry rot could blow out on the road. While it is possible to get a car under control after one or more tires explode, the vehicle could spin out of its lane. Fatal crashes may result when a vehicle spins uncontrollably.

Ignoring tire care

Personal injury lawsuits may result when a driver’s or owner’s negligence contributes to a car crash. Relatively easy duties, such as checking the tires’ air levels or looking for cracks, could warn that something is wrong.

Requesting tire rotations and inspection services per the owner’s manual suggestions could also cut down on possible disasters. The problem is that many drivers are neglectful of routine maintenance, leading to vehicles with tire issues on the road.

Failing to take care of vehicle maintenance issues, including tires, wheels, lights, brakes and more, could leave someone liable for any resulting injuries. Drivers have the responsibility to operate a safe vehicle.


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