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Going through a collaborative divorce can be best

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2021 | Collaborative Court

Whether you are initiating a split between you and your partner or they blindsided you, getting a divorce in California can be challenging and overwhelming. When you are in this position and want the best outcome possible, you may want to consider a collaborative divorce. Doing so helps instill cooperation between you and your partner. Considering this option is usually helpful for the following reasons.

Children are involved

Compromising during a divorce can be challenging. However, when certain aspects are involved, such as children, it’s usually best not to fight over every small item. Keeping a calm and peaceful environment is essential if you want your kids to stay emotionally healthy during the proceedings and after. Focusing on the big picture is usually a key element in moving forward.

You will always be a family

Before the topic of getting a divorce became a reality, you likely had a loving relationship. While this aspect has changed, both of you decided to create a life together at one time. If you also decided to become parents, you will always be a family. However, you may not live together, and the dynamics will be different, but this factor will never change.

Staying grateful

Divorce is often painful, and it can be made worse if you don’t consciously focus on having gratitude toward the partner you planned on having a long-term relationship with. Being grateful for the good times and seeing the positive in the other person can make the divorce process and aftermath much more pleasant, especially if children are involved.

Going through a collaborative divorce will still be a profound loss. Doing your best to deal with it positively is often a helpful way to handle the situation.


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