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How can you protect your kids from dog bites?

On Behalf of | Mar 29, 2022 | Personal Injury

Sometimes dog bites may seem like they happen out of nowhere. When another person’s dog attacks one of your children, the owner may have responsibility for the injuries sustained.

According to Nemours Children’s Health, most dog bites against children happen to kids under the age of 14. Fortunately, there are ways you can make a dog bite less likely.

Rules to teach your children

You can give your kids the tools to stay safe. For example, teach your children never to pet a strange dog and always ask the owner’s permission before approaching a dog. Running toward or away from a dog can trigger an aggressive response, as can staring the dog directly in the eye. When your kids come across a strange dog, make sure they avoid eye contact and either stand still or back away slowly.

Teach your kids how to remain careful with dogs. For example, they should not squeeze dogs too tight, jump on them or pull their tails and ears.

Efforts to take with the family dog

Did you know that many dog bites occur with a familiar dog? Before bringing a pet into your household, research the best breed for your family. If you find a dog worth consideration, ask questions about its temperament. You never want to bring a dog with a history of aggression into a home with children. You should never leave infants or toddlers alone with dogs for any period.

If a dog manages to bite your children, keep in mind that some bites may appear minor but may have deeper injuries to the muscle and bone.


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