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How can you address your criminal record during a job interview?

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2022 | Criminal Defense

Like most people, you likely want to move past your criminal convictions following your sentencing. You may have some hesitancy when applying for a new job or reentering your career. You know you have the skills and experience necessary to resume your life, but how can you address your past?

As a person with a criminal record, you still have rights. Your employer cannot ask about the specifics of your criminal history on the application. According to Monster, however, the employer may ask during the interview.

Show your worth to the company

Lead with excitement for the job. Your resume and cover letter should speak volumes about your experience in the industry or your ability to handle the job responsibilities. Emphasize what you bring to the company rather than focusing on your past mistakes. You do not want the interviewer to leave thinking about your rap sheet.

Be candid about your history

When it comes to your criminal record, you need to learn how to discuss it. Think about the questions that the employer may ask. If he or she only wants to hear about felonies, then do not discuss misdemeanors. If the employer wants to know about the last three years, do not bring any criminal history beyond that point. You can talk about your record without incriminating yourself. Try to provide context so the interviewer does not have to fill in the blanks with his or her imagination.

Tell your story but do not dwell on it. Instead, talk about your steps to better yourself and what you learned from the experience.


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