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What are the most severe types of burn?

On Behalf of | Jul 28, 2022 | Personal Injury

Getting a burn could be a simple and relatively minor nuisance, or it could be a painful and debilitating injury that alters the course of a victim’s life.

The most severe types of burns are third-degree burns, or full-thickness burns. They have an undoubtedly strong and long-lasting impact from the moment a victim first receives them.

Damage from full-thickness burns

Temple Health discusses burn injury types and severity. As mentioned, third-degree burns serve as the most severe type of burn a victim can suffer through, on a scale from first to third.

These burns often result in white, grey or blackened skin rather than the red or blistering skin commonly associated with burns. Many victims may not even feel pain in the area because of the damage done to their nerves.

In full-thickness burns, the fire damage will go through all layers of the skin and flesh. In some cases, it can even reach down through muscle and to the bone below.

Potential long-term results

Needless to say, this type of burn often results in serious scarring and issues with mobility. In severe cases, amputation may need to happen in order to discard tissue damaged beyond repair.

Victims may lose mobility or part of their range of motion. The damage to nerves could extend beyond the core of the burn, as well, resulting in radiating pain or numbness in many areas.

The recovery time also lasts months or even years, with victims often having to undergo surgery to lessen the damage. Thus, third-degree burns need the most efficient treatment as quickly as possible.


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