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What could happen to you after being doored?

On Behalf of | Jul 8, 2022 | Personal Injury

Some bicyclists get into accidents that put them at risk of serious injury or death. For instance, you may be out riding when suddenly a driver in a parked car opens a door into your path. Without enough time to turn or slow down, you slam into the door. This is an example of a dooring accident.

Different outcomes could occur from dooring. The impact might not dismount you from your bike and you only sustain minor injuries. On the other hand, a door collision could eject you from your bike. Road Bike Rider describes where you might land following a dooring.

You fall against or onto the car

After a dooring impact, you might just cling to the inside of the door. In the event the collision throws you, you could land somewhere on the car. Given your direction and momentum, you would probably land on the car hood. However, these impacts generally require you to ride at very slow speeds at the time of the accident.

You fall into a traffic zone

Many bicyclists who suffer dooring get thrown into a nearby traffic lane. This is dangerous because oncoming motorists may not be able to stop in time before they hit you. A driver who brakes in a panic could dive the front of the car and increase the risk that the front bumper hits you. Some bicyclists end up caught underneath a vehicle and dragged.

Even if there is no immediate threat of traffic, you might not have enough time to get out of the lane. Depending on your injuries or state of mind, you may need assistance to get up and reach safety.

Take steps to promote your safety

Bicycle safety measures like wearing bright clothing and a helmet may help protect you from injury and make motorists aware of your presence. Still, if you cannot avoid an accident due to an irresponsible party, seeking damages may be an option for you.


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