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Data shows the impact of distracted driving

On Behalf of | Aug 9, 2022 | Personal Injury

From intoxicated drivers to dangerous road conditions, you could find yourself in a traffic accident for different reasons. In the digital era, many crashes occur because of distractions caused by the use of electronic devices, and there are many other reasons why drivers become distracted on the road. It is crucial to review different examples of distracted driving and make sure that you stay focused while driving.

In addition, drivers should take a careful look at data on the consequences of distracted driving to understand how serious this issue is.

Injuries and deaths caused by distracted driving accidents

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention published data on distracted driving crashes. In 2019, roughly 424,000 people suffered injuries in these accidents throughout the U.S. In addition, accidents involving a distracted driver led to the loss of more than 3,100 lives during 2019. In fact, bicyclists, pedestrians and others not riding in vehicles made up roughly 20% of the distracted driving deaths in 2019.

Looking at different examples of distracted driving

Aside from calling, texting or using electronic devices for other reasons, many other risk factors cause drivers to become distracted. For example, trying to eat food, apply makeup or adjust the volume can lead to a distracted driving accident. Talking to other people in the car, trying to read a map and looking at a billboard or something alongside the road can also interfere with a driver’s focus.

If a distracted driver caused you to sustain an injury because they failed to pay attention while driving, you need to hold them answerable.


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