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What are the types of collaborative courts in California?

On Behalf of | Oct 3, 2022 | Collaborative Court

Collaborative courts are an alternative to the traditional court system. They are also part of the judicial reform movement that is moving toward focusing on violent offenders for harsh sentencing and using rehabilitative sentences for nonviolent offenders.

California collaborative courts are available in a variety of situations. People who go through these courts will receive alternatives to incarceration since they focus on helping people rehabilitate.

Drug courts

The best-known type of collaborative court is a drug court. There are several types within the California collaborative court system. Each court focuses on certain types of offenders who may have different reasons for struggling with drug use. These include adults, juveniles and veterans.

A special type of drug court is a family dependency drug court. It addresses issues of abuse or neglect due to a parent with drug addiction problems.

Other courts

The system also includes a court focused on drunk drivers. It helps these people so that they can address their alcohol abuse issues and avoid jail time and repeat offenses.

Another type is a homeless court. This entity addresses legal issues associated with the homeless population. It helps resolve misdemeanors and avoids common problems associated with this population that can further aggravate their situations or leads to other legal problems.

The system named them collaborative courts because they use a collaborative effort to help offenders better their lives and not repeat their crimes. The whole concept involves multiple people and entities working together for the good of the person accused of the crime and ultimately the community in which they live.


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