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How do back injuries change a person’s life?

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2023 | Personal Injury

Back injuries have an enormous impact on almost every aspect of a worker’s life. In fact, back injuries actually make up the number one global reason that people call out of work.

Understanding how far-reaching the effects can go serves as one of the best ways to truly grasp the devastating consequences.

The physical impact

Cleveland Clinic discusses the lasting impact of back injuries on all areas of a person’s health. Mobility is one of the big issues. Many victims cannot sit, stand, walk or run in the same way that they could before the incident.

This can potentially cause a person to lose their job due to an inability to keep doing the same work. It can also reduce a person’s overall health, especially if they struggle to stay active in the aftermath of the injury.

The mental impact

On top of physical problems, many individuals who suffer from back injuries and chronic pain will also experience mental symptoms.

Depression is one of the most common. It has well-documented and studied ties to chronic pain, and many sufferers of chronic pain lasting more than a month will have an increased chance of developing depression.

Anxiety is another issue. Many back pain sufferers will develop anxiety as they begin to fear and dread the future. They wonder if the pain will last forever, and they never know when they will have a particularly bad day.

For these reasons and more, back injury sufferers need all the support they can get, especially when it comes to finances and financial compensation.


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