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What are the stages of a burn injury?

On Behalf of | May 5, 2023 | Personal Injury

Burn injuries are among some of the most painful types of injuries that a person may experience in his or her lifetime.

Knowing how burn injuries rank in severity is crucial in order to get accurate and quick treatment.

First degree

The World Health Organization takes a look at the effects of burn injuries. Among burn injuries, first degree classify as the least severe.

Many people have suffered from first degree burns without even realizing it. This is the category of injury that most sunburns fall into.

First degree burns do not reach the point of blistering. Many will simply need over the counter treatment, pain killers and rest for the victim to fully recover.

Second degree

On the other hand, second degree burns will usually blister. These burns are often more painful and always involve more layers of skin than a first degree burn, which is usually quite superficial.

Second degree burns classify as moderate with the exception of two cases. One: if the burn is bigger than three inches in diameter, it is severe. Two: if the burn is on the face, then it is a severe burn regardless of size.

Third degree

These are the most severe of all burns. They require immediate medical attention regardless of their size or location.

Third degree burns can penetrate all the way through the skin, flesh, fat and muscle. In some cases, it even involves the bone. These burns have a high rate of complications and infection, making it crucial for victims to get medical care.


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